Hunting with the AR15 Triggersafe.

   Authored by Cory Nash/ Director of Triggersafe Hunting Operations

   The AR15 rifle has been at the center of considerable controversy in recent years. This controversy has brought a great deal of attention to the platform and its popularity with hunters has exploded. While predator hunting seems to be the most common, they are also being used for jackrabbits, hogs, spotted seals, whitetail and mule deer, pronghorn, prairie dogs, ground hogs and feral goats. The accuracy, light weight, mild recoil and reliability of the platform make it difficult to beat, particularly for spot and stalk hunting where a hunter may cover lots of ground.
   One of the few downsides of the platform is the noise which accompanies loading a round into the chamber. Obviously remaining silent is extremely important when stalking game so the natural tendency is to take care of this before we trek out into the wild. The mechanical safety on the AR15 has proven reliable but covering rough ground, climbing fences and slinging the
rifle across our pack can cause the safety selector to be unintentionally disengaged, its happened to me on more than one occasion. Many hunters, myself included, opt for light single stage triggers which aid in accuracy but with the safety off it doesn’t take much interference from our clothing, gear, a stick or a section of barbed wire fence to find its way
inside of the trigger guard and a wonderful day in the field can become a horrific tragedy.
   Few things are worse than having a preventable accident injure or kill one of our friends or loved ones while hunting. If you were to ask anyone who has been involved in firearm related hunting tragedy if they could go back and take a small step to prevent the incident from occurring I’m betting every one of them would tell you they would in a heartbeat. Even if an unintentional discharge doesn’t result in injury it could certainly rattle your nerves and alert any game in the area to your presence.
   Enter the Triggersafe. Simple, lightweight, easy to use and inexpensive this little device takes very little effort and almost no time to use but could prove immeasurably valuable in preventing accidents. The Triggersafe snaps in place and can be tethered to the rifle with a lanyard.
   When it comes time to shoot or when you’ve stopped in a position you intend to remain you simply sweep it off of the rifle with your trigger finger. Once you’re ready to move again just push it back up over the trigger guard and the design of the Trigger safe ensures that not only is your trigger protected but the safety is engaged as well. An added layer of security to help ensure your days in the field are filled with nothing but good memories.
   We have models for the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 coming soon. Eventually we hope to introduce versions to cover all but the most obscure long guns used for hunting.  Safe hunting everyone. 

James Gray