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I bring my rifle on patrol with me everyday. My safety selector has been bumped and switched to fire a few times. This is a cool inexpensive safety precaution.    Drew/   Boston, 


Customer review


I gave my nephew & his girlfriend a basic AR class on Tuesday.  Basic class included, cleaning, sighting, proper support, and firing of an AR15.   I used the 2 trigger safes that you gave me.  Here are my thought on it.


Great things:

  1.   Love the bright red color.  Highly visible on black rifles.
  2.     Both felt very safe just holding the weapon.  They were not scared of shooting by accident
  3.  I was able to easily see if that the trigger was clear.
  4.   It gave them a place to place their finger when waiting to shoot, holding, and sighting
  5.  They both felt like it protected the trigger when they were learning to load, unload, and control the rifle.
  6.    It also gave them a secure feeling when cleaning and taking apart the rifle.
  7.   Both could place and remove the triggersafe with ease. 
  8.   His girlfriend forgot to place her rifle on safe after shooting 5 rounds, and removing the mag.  This made her put it on so it would fit.
  9. Held on well.
  10.  Made it easy for me to show them movement and controls of the rifle without them feeling like the trigger could be pulled at any time. 
  11.  Works great with right hand and ambi-saftey controls.


Not so great thing

  1.  Dose not secure the safety on left hand only control rifles. 
  2. Edges are sharp and gave her finger a papercut at start. 
  3.   Dose not work as well with magpul B.A.D levers, causes the lever to close the bcg when placing it on.  ( See above pic from customer with alterations for B.A.D. lever. Triggersafe Team. )


    I would recommend this to all instructors teaching AR classes.  It helps the student feel comfortable that they will not accidentally shoot because they had their finger on the trigger.  It also gives the instructor an easy visual that no fingers are in the trigger area until directed to remove the Triggersafe.  Safety and confidence can be achieved with the triggersafe when teaching, shooting, or just at the range. 


James (Wichita, Kansas)


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